Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
Dear Partners,

We cordially invite you to the Business Innovation Congress (BIC) to be held in November 2018 in Manila, Philippines

Theme of the BIC in Manila:
Technology Transfer: mechanization, automation and digitalization


The main objective of the BIC Manila is to explore new market trends, products, services, and technological innovation.

The BIC is a strategic venue for top executives, business owners of small and medium-sized enterprises, entrepreneurs, innovators, professionals, investors, and academics to join in practical expert-led workshops and exclusive business meetings with leading decision-makers.

Guided by the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, the principal aim of the BIC is to establish an interdisciplinary business interaction platform for industry representatives, government officials, science community and society as a whole to address  compelling competitiveness issues of a radically evolving globalized marketplace within the context of a dialogue on social responsibility.

The BIC Manila is organized by the Center for strategic intercultural communication GmbH and the Fraunhofer Institute for Factory Operation and Automation ASEAN Regional Office Thailand. Co-organizer is the Association of Medium-Sized Enterprises - MITTELSTAND INTERNATIONAL. One of the main industry sponsors of the BIC event in Manila is Siemens.

We look forward to your valuable participation in the BIC Manila!

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Dr. Konstantin Schamber

Chairman of the Asian-European Business Innovation Congress Council & Steering Committee

Managing Director of the Center for strategic intercultural communication GmbH

Ralf Opierzynski

Head of Fraunhofer Institute for Factory Operation & Automation ASEAN Regional Office Thailand

Member of the Steering Committee of Asian-European Business Innovation Congress

Karl-Heinz Hessenthaler

President of the MITTELSTAND INTERNATIONAL Association of Medium-Sized Enterprises

Member of the Council of Asian-European Business Innovation Congress